Terry Hardin was walking when a red balloon dropped in front of him with a note inside of it.

23 kindergarteners at St. Rose of Lima School in Chula Vista, Ca. filled up red and green balloons last week and each stuck their Christmas wish list in it and let them go in the air because those balloons were on their way to the North Pole. Well, one little 5 year old Joie had a wish but, her balloon only made it a few miles to San Diego.

The red balloon floated right toward Hardin and he noticed the note in it and it read:

Dear Santa, I would like to have a mermaid doll with a bow for Christmas. Thank you. Love, Joie."

It just so happens that Hardin's mother was Joie and they were not speaking when she passed away recently and really struck a chord in him when he read her letter especially, during Christmas time. He believed that the note came "from heaven to make things right," Hardin told NBC7. "It put a chill up my spine."

Since the letter never made it to the North Pole, Hardin took the liberty to hunt down the girl and deliver her wish.

How awesome.