A student in Johnson County in North Carolina has found himself in some hot water after he tried to do the right thing the other day. The student's name is Drew "Cole" Withrow, and he is in trouble after bringing a gun onto his school campus.

It sounds like a cut and dry thing. He brought a gun to school, he should pay the penalty right? That might be the case if you stopped reading there. But here's where the story gets a little more complicated.

He didn't mean to bring the gun with him to school. It was unloaded, and was in his truck.  The Eagle Scout was skeet shooting over the weekend and had left it there by accident.  When he remembered that it was there, he realized that he had made a mistake and called his mom from the school office to either come pick the gun up so that it wasn't there on campus anymore or to give him an excuse to drive it home.

An administrator overheard his conversation, and the Eagle Scout was then arrested and expelled from school.

Now, the whole town is up in arms. They've taken to Twitter with the hashtag #freecole to bring attention to what happened at Princeton High School.

I'm with them.  He was wrong to bring a weapon on a school campus. But this is an obvious case of common sense being thrown out the door. If you've ever made a mistake, you know how it feels. It was an unloaded gun! Now he might lose his scholarship to college? He was trying to right a wrong and he got punished? It doesn't make sense.

What do you think?  Should he have been punished?  Did the school take it too far?