After watching the half time show at the Super Bowl this past weekend, I have to say that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Madonna still looks great. The choreography and technical aspects were pretty darn good to. Aside from the MIA finger incident, the half time was pretty well done. My question has been and continues to be, why do we not see more country acts used at half time?

Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks would probably be the biggest combination of acts you could gather for the most famous 15-20 minute intermission. For those that love nostalgia, it Garth. For those looking for youth and relevance…Taylor Swift. I understand completely that the board that decides such things is interested in a number of things, ratings being the biggest. Who in this world hasn’t heard of Taylor Swift? She is international and has played the stage with countless pop and hip hop acts. I’m certain she could get a few to join her to chase down a more generic crowd of viewers. As for Garth Brooks, hard to argue against his record and history as being one of the most appreciated and entertaining country acts of all time. The beauty of both of these artists is that they call COUNTRY MUSIC home and yet, they appeal to so many.

The case could also be made for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. They are international house hold names and both are fantastic and energetic entertainers on stage as well. Plus, the contacts and recording history with artists outside the format are well received and honored! Nelly, Ne-Yo and even Jimmy Buffet and Uncle Kracker are just a few of the many names I imagine could be called in to action!