Swiftenhaal, Gyllenswift, or Jaylor. Whether it be the bad celeb nicknames or just seeing them photographed together, these two (Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal) just don't do it for me. They have been seen galavanting around together.

Photos just surfaced of the two going on coffee runs throughout Nashville, Swift's hometown. Swift and Gyllenhaal spent Thanksgiving getting maple latte's at a coffe shop in Brooklyn, then hopped on a flight with the country singer to Nashville.

She's 20, he's pushing 30 soon. There's a 9 year age difference and if it was anyone else I would think it was cute. But because she started in the business so young and she is always singing young love songs, its hard for me to take her seriously. Especially for her to be dating an actor like Gyllenhaal. He is so established, and really gives off a mature older gentlemen vibe. If Swift was 25 and Jake was turning 35 I would have a better grasp at this. But she can't even legally drink.

My top  celebrity starlet for Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively. If he wants to go young, she's perfect!  Blonde, sophisticated, and someone who looks appropriate on his arm. I can so see these two at award shows together and shopping in Soho.