It's not uncommon to see feuds or shots between fast food giants. We've even seen signs from Burger King to McDonald's right here in Western New York.

It's been dubbed the "breakfast war" on the internet as McDonald's braces itself for Taco Bell to launch selling breakfast.

McDonald's who is the fast-food leader in breakfast had to think fast as Taco Bell launched into the $50 billion fast-food breakfast market and it's campaign to cut McDonald's at the knees (at least Taco Bell hoped so).

Taco Bell's 8-year plan in the making came up with this commercial as it's first part of their marketing campaign. Take a look at it's jab at McDonald's.

Of course the fast-food leader did not take the commercial in silence, taking to its Facebook page on Friday to put up a picture of Ronald McDonald petting the former Taco Bell mascot, a chihuahua along with the status update 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'.


Of course the fans defending both sides step in:


According to, the whole brand fight just is plain dumb for both sides:

Brand fights are like train wrecks — you can’t look away, but the end result is rarely positive,” said Drew Nessier, CEO of social agency Renegade. “In the case of Taco Bell and McDonald’s battling it out, it seems like a waste of time since both are so well-established and well liked by their core audiences —  also, I found the Taco Bell ‘my name is Ronald McDonald’ ad amusing, but a day later I just remembered McDonald’s and not Taco Bell.”