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If America Needed A New National Anthem…Who Should Write It? [VIDEO]
The "Star Spangled Banner", our country's national anthem.  Penned by Francis Scott Key back in 1812 during the War of 1812.  It's a beautiful song which has been sung by many, perfected by a few (of course, Whitney Houston) and butchered by a handful (namely, Roseanne Barr).  For me,  the…
Where Does Country Music Rank On The List Of Least Appealing Genres?
I love country music as do many of you out there and I'm sure you have a few friends that don't understand why you like it.  I always say..."It's an acquired taste."  Where do you think country music would rank on a list of least appealing genres of music?  Well,  I can tell you, it wasn't…
Andy Rooney Dead At 92
It's only been about a month since Andy Rooney called it quits on '60 Minutes' but today we found out that he died yesterday at 92 years old.