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New Quiet Zone on Planes
I love kids and I love babies, but when you’re on a four hour flight and surrounded by six babies that screamed the entire way, it’s more than anybody should have to deal with. It happened to me on a flight out to California for Thanksgiving and I felt bad for the parents of those babies. What are t…
Lightning Strikes Airplane [VIDEO]
You hear about it once in a while but not too often you actually get to see it - lightning striking an airplane.  Somebody happened to be shooting a video of a plane landing at London's Heathrow Airport when the plane loaded with passengers was struck by lightning multiple times.
San Francisco To Paris In Two Minutes
There was a time when air travel was a very special occasion.  I remember our family taking a California vacation when I was a kid and all of us got dressed up to get on the plane.  My father and I both wore a jacket and tie.  My mom and sisters wore dresses.  That's the way it was.  Back then passe…