Cat Have Hairballs? Try This Cat Hack!
Spartacus the Diabetic Cat has been having some issues lately. He's had to switch some foods around and have some tests, and because of that he's been throwing up a lot more. This is a cat that rarely threw up before, so it was an unpleasant surprise for me...
Dog Sets Guinness Record for Popping Balloons [VIDEO]
Yes. It's a thing. Watch Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier, set the Guinness World Record for popping 100 balloons the fastest.
I love these because it's one of those "why not" situations. Who sat there and thought, "I bet my dog can do this faster than anyone else&…
Liz’s Family Tempts Fate With Charlie the Squirrel [VIDEO]
I was home in Cleveland this past weekend for my grandmother's funeral. I've shared in the past that she had a squirrel at her house for as long as I can remember and his name is Charlie.
Charlie comes to the back door and knocks when he is hungry, and we throw out some peanuts...
Dog Dies in Buffalo After Owner Leaves Out on Porch
A woman in Buffalo is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after her dog died when she left it outside long enough in the heat on her upstairs apartment porch.
The SPCA was tipped off by the Buffalo Animal Shelter and the Buffalo Police Department, and Buffalo Fire Department arrived to find the…
13 Animals Kicking It in Kiddie Pools for Memorial Day
Hooo boy, it is so close to being summer, we can practically hear the incessant song of the ice cream truck already. Frankly we don't want to wait until Monday to kick off the season. We can't. We've lost all control. Here are some pics of animals in kiddie pools to prove it.
Buffalo’s Most Influential Animals of 2016 [LIST]
Time Magazine recently released their annual Most Influential People list for 2016. Some of the names to grace the list were Mark Zuckerburg, Priscilla Chan, Tim Cook, Ronda Rousey, PewDiePie and Donald Trump.
However, Time Magazine also released another Top 100 list and it's interesting –…

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