Words and Phrases WNYers Want to Ban in 2016
Last week the three of us were talking about words and phrases that drive us nuts! Everyone has those words they just can't stand to hear anymore.
Clay's is the term "Breaking News" – he thinks it is overused and never really represents actual breaking news...
Celebrity Couples That Annoy The $#!* Out Of Me!
Maybe its a result of over-exposure, maybe it's just the people!  I have come up with a short list of celebrity couples past/present that really get my blood boiling when I hear or read about them.  Some of the couples on the list make me shake my head just because of the uneven pairing.  Meaning, o…
Bird Won’t Let Cat Sleep [VIDEO]
A lot of people are coming in to work this morning, complaining about the lack of sleep they got due to all of the fireworks being shot off.  I am one of them!  This video shows that there are things far worse than fireworks that can keep you awake :)