A Baby + A Bulldog: Prepare To Be In Heaven [VIDEO]
All of my friends know that one day I will be the very proud owner of an English bulldog who can ride a skateboard. There is something about these dogs that I just can't get over. Their faces, their chunkiness...just everything about them! Ugggghhhhhh
Jessie James Decker Multitasks with New EP, New Baby Girl
Being a first-time mom is hard enough. Now add moving states, filming a reality show, doing charity work and releasing an EP into the mix and you've got a very busy 26-year-old. Jessie James Decker does all that and more now that her baby girl Vivianne Rose has arrived.
Stupidest Baby Name Of All Time?
Think of the strangest baby name you have ever heard of? Celebrities tend to pick some strange ones for their kids but, this might be the worst I've ever heard.

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