bad parking

Terrible Parker Struggles To Get Back In His Car [VIDEO]
We've all seen these people: They're the people that could care less how their car is parked and take up two spaces. We all wish we could just wait in our cars to tell them how we feel about their inability to park their cars, but we don't really have that kind of time on our hands.
Bad Parking In WNY [GALLERY]
Last week I did a post about some bad parking that I saw at The McKinley Mall.  I asked you to send in pictures of bad parking that you had seen across Western New York.  They came flooding in!  Looks like we've got some bad parkers here!
Parking At The McKinley Mall
As I was driving "The Mothership" (my minivan) around at the mall today I came across something that I just had to share with you.  I've seen some pretty jaw dropping parking before but this one was pretty amazing.  How many door dings do you think came from this par…