Derek Jeter’s Commercial Gave Me The Chills [VIDEO]
This one gave me chills. The man is a legend and on September 25th (assuming New York doesn't make the playoffs), it will be Derek Jeter's last home game ever.
Ahead of his final playing days, Derek Jeter soaks in the atmosphere on a walk in the Bronx...
Foul Ball Shatters Camera Lens [VIDEO]
You never know what can happen at a baseball game and that's why you should always be on the look out for flying balls! Get a first hand look at what it looks like when I ball is headed straight for you!
Young Kid Gives Foul Ball To Girl + Makes Her Day [VIDEO]
Gentlemen: Take notes.
While it's still very cool to get a foul ball at an MLB game, it's becoming even cooler to get a foul ball and give it to someone else. Especially, if you're trying to impress a girl at age 11.
Without thinking he gives her the ball and then she can't stop st…

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