Finally A Diet We Can Look Forward To
Here's a diet that some say is the best way to lower cholesterol. The old saying still works. "Everything in moderation." But don't let that squash the fact that you can still enjoy a new diet plan.
3 Best Day Drinking Tiki Bars In Buffalo
We loooooveeeee day drinking in Buffalo. Without a doubt these places are the best day drinking spots around town. They all make the list because they're legit fun and they're cool places, but they're cheap, too.
If a beer cost more than $3...
Clarence! You Have A New Brewery In Town!
Welcome, the newest brewery to Western New York: West Shore Brewing in Clarence! The brewery is actually home to two new brews PLUS, VB Beers which are finally in Buffalo, NY. Now, we have to add them to the Western New York Brewery Tour!

West Shore Wheat
Victor’s VB Brewing
Canoe Lager
Coast to …
Ramen-Flavored Beer? Cup O Beer Is A Thing Now
For being a really cheap way to eat, ramen is actually very popular from college students all the way to full blown foodies! With limitless possibilities with the noodles people have taken the brand to crazy places. High end restaurants to a Pringles flavor and now a beer can be added to that list..…
WATCH: Check Out New Beer Garden By Silo Brewery in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo is home to the WORLD'S ONLY brewery located inside of grain silos. Inside of those huge Labatt 'cans' outside of Riverworks is home to the latest Buffalo brewery and has a sweet outside beer garden as well!
The silos have lines that go directly from them, underground and right …

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