Top 5 Buffalo Breweries According to YELP!
Because sometimes the only thing to beat the heat on a summer evening is some local brews, we headed over to to see what Yelp users think are the BEST breweries in Buffalo! But we want to know what YOU think too! Tell us what your favorite brewery is in the comments below...
Open a Bottle of Beer With a Piece of Paper [VIDEO]
Ever find yourself with a 12 pack of beer and no way to open it?  That's when you get creative.  I've done it with my ring, another bottle, and even just the counter.  But I've never seen this done.  Watch this guy open a bottle with a piece of paper!
Forklift Driver Wastes Tons Of Beer! [VIDEO]
Say it's not true.  Say this never really happened!  I can't believe this isn't just a nightmare.  This is how you lose your job as a forklift operator at a beer company.  Watch as he tries to maneuver a pallet of beer and fails miserably to save them.

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