Berenstain Bears

Counting Down To The Berenstain Bears
They're here in Buffalo for three shows -- the Berenstain Bears -- Saturday at the Allendale Theatre known as the Theatre of Youth on Allen Street.  Believe it or not, there are some tickets still available.
Brett Alan’s Favorite Berenstain Bears Book [VIDEO]
I still remember reading the Berenstain Bears books from when I was little. My favorite was always "The Berenstain Bears Picnic". The book that I got came along with a cassette tape (if you are young, I can explain what these are later) that narrated the book, along with sound effe…
Berenstain Bears Musical at Theatre of Youth [PHOTOS]
The Berenstain Bears Live Musical at Theatre of Youth was enjoyed by Cubs of all ages as well as their Mama's and Papa's. With three shows that all taught life lessons through song, it was a show that kept the kids engaged and reminded the parents of their youth...