Bill Gates

What Bill Gates Gets His Secret Santa? [VIDEO]
For the second year in a row, Bill Gates participated in the Reddit Secret Santa, which this year, nearly 300,000 participated.
The wildly popular social media site had Bill Gates matched up with a 25-year-old girl from California.Every user has a few wishes including a "pie in the sky wish&…
Bill Gates Wants To Reinvent The Toilet
For years we have heard people say that they wanted to build a better mousetrap, but what about a better toilet? It is estimated that 2.6 billion people in the world do not have a proper toilet. And the majority of the developing world does not have a flush toilet...
Inventions That Have Made Millions!
We always hear about people that got rich because they invented things, look at Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs with Apple. These guys have invented big things and have made a ton of money!