Billy Currington

Stranger’s Kind Act Earns Him An Inheritance Worth Over $750k
It was a real life "People Are Crazy" moment.  You know the song from Billy Currington where he sings about going into a bar and striking up a friendship with an old man who then passes away and leaves his inheritance with the new friend.  Only this happened in England an…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] Billy Currington New Song ‘Don’t It’
Here's Billy Currington's follow up to 'We Are Tonight' and it's the debut from his new album that is yet to be named.
Billy Currington - 'Don't It' Lyrics
Baby, don’t say no so quick
This ain’t about me tryin’ to see how far that I can get 
But I ain’t gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind just a little bit of …

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