Black Friday

People Are ALREADY Camped Out At Best Buy
How can you skip the great deals around Thanksgiving?  It used to be Black Friday that people would camp out for.  Now, they're getting earlier and earlier with the sales.  This year, many stores will open on Thanksgiving day, and at least two ladies refuse to miss those great de…
What Do Guns and Black Friday Have In Common?
Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Not everyone went to Target or Best Buy for games, coffee makers and televisions. It seems there was a big demand for another type of gift this year. The FBI reports that gun sales were up 20% this past Friday.
Retailers Get Banned From Opening Thanksgiving Day
I think they whole idea of opening stores the day of thanksgiving in order to give retailers a jump on Black Friday is quite ridiculous. But, it is what it is. Though a few states have banned retailers from opening up at all on the day of Thanksgiving.
The Best 2012 Black Friday Deals for Internet Nerds
It's time to officially start panicking that you haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Sure you have something in mind for mom and dad. But what about for your internet-obsessed brother or your boyfriend who spends more time on Reddit than he does at work? Where are the 2012 Black Friday deals fo…
Black Friday Hours – When is Your Favorite Store Open?
Last week we heard that Wal-Mart was getting a jump on Black Friday by opening their doors on Thanksgiving night at 8pm.  Now others have followed suit.  Retailers like Sears and Target have decided to capitalize on the Thursday night shopping hours by opening at 8 or 9 on Thanksgiving nig…

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