Woman Finds Body Parts in Freezer She Bought
This is sick.
A woman in North Carolina was shocked when she looked into a used freezer she bought and found parts of a dead body inside. Her neighbor sold it to her for 30 bucks and didn't open it until 3 weeks later and then police confirmed they were human remains...
The Coolest Buffalo, NY-Themed Tattoos [PICTURES]
Buffalonians are pretty passionate people -- especially about their hometown. We love beer, football, hockey, chicken wings and everything 716; and we will permanently put that on our body because that's how proud we are.
Tweet your tattoos with #buffalonytattoo...
Most Horrifying Case Of Head Lice I’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO]
This could be up there with the toughest moments of any parents' life. The footage, which has no doubt been causing parents of school-age children to reach for a comb, demonstrates what happens if an infestation is left untreated. The head louse is a tiny, wingless parasitic inse…

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