Boston Marathon

Why I Take My Hat Off For Our National Anthem [VIDEO]
I was out watching the Sabres/Bruins game Wednesday night. Did you see the pre-game ceremony? The National Anthem? To hear 18,000 people singing along to the most beautiful song ever written brought tears to my eyes, and from what I saw, many other grown men and women's eyes as well.
One Race Is Older Than Boston Marathon
It’s annually a festive event – New England’s most widely viewed sporting event with interest all over the world and it was marred by Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon resulting in dozens of injuries and some fatalities. It brings tens of …
Boston Marathon Explosions: How You Can Help
Three people were killed and more than 100 injured on Monday afternoon when two explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Rescue organizations have gathered to help and at the the tragic scene, but how can you help?
The Huffington Post has put together a helpful list of wa…
Twin Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line [UPDATED]
9 p.m. (EST): The final press conference of the day with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and various other officials just concluded. The FBI is now leading investigations of the events. Davis confirmed that three people were killed in today's blasts.
CNN is r…