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Dads Dancing (Awkwardly) [VIDEO]
It's amazing that some of us dads ever became dads at all.  With the way most of us dance, how in the world did we impress the ladies enough to even take them out on a date?  Personality.  We really should save the dancing for the people on TV.
‘SNL’ Taps Cameron Diaz to Host November 22
Just this past weekend 'SNL' announced that 'The Hunger Games' star Woody Harrelson would return to the stage on November 15, and so too do we know what A-lister will also make a return appearance the following week. 'Annie' star Cameron Diaz will make her own fourth ap…
The Sing Off: Delilah Sings Grenade- By Bruno Mars
With all of the talent reality shows, regular reality shows, dancing shows, sitcoms, etc......To me, The Sing Off is above and beyond when it comes to pure vocal talent and entertainment, for that matter.  Nothing is sweeter than tight harmony.  Nothing is more creative than taking a great song, add…