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Kyle Williams Will Be Back With The Buffalo Bills This Year
The NFL Combine is going on in Indianapolis this week and while the players are hoping to impress clubs around the nation, coaches and GMs are looking to fill spots.  One spot that the Bills will not have to worry about as much this year is Kyle Williams' position.
Here’s Why Buffalo Football Fans Rank Among The Best
With the Super Bowl just days away, WalletHub has released its latest report on the Best & Worst Cities For Football Fans and it turns out Buffalo fans represent themselves well.  The personal-finance website analyzed 244 U.S. cities with at least one professional and one college football team i…
Two More Buffalo Bills Invited To The NFL Pro Bowl
As disappointing as the Buffalo Bills 2016 season was, especially with the no show efforts at home in December against the Steelers and Dolphins and the "mail it in" game against the Jets in the season finale, the Bills have somehow landed six players in this year's …

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