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Bills Drop Their Preseason Opener
NFL preseason games are typically yawners.  Neither team wants to show too much of what they have in their arsenal before they begin playing for keeps.  And that's pretty much what Buffalo Bills fans got to witness on Thursday night at New Era Field as the Bills lost their preseason o…
Buffalo Bills Sign Free Agent Receiver Anquan Boldin
It had been over a week since the Buffalo Bills met with veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin.  Today the Bills and the agent for Boldin announced the two sides had reached agreement on a one-year contract.  Boldin ranks 3rd in the NFL in career receptions with 1,076 and third in …
Genius! A Buffalo Bills Bar Crawl Happening in Buffalo, NY
How did nobody seriously come up with this before now? Buffalo and Booze---Bingo! 
Introducing: Bills Sunday Funday Bar Crawl
September 17 on Hertel Ave.
Wear all the Buffalo Bills gear you can and join the crawl from bar to bar in North Buffalo as the Bills take on the Carolina Panthers
LOL Best WiFi Network I’ve Ever Tried To Connect To..
Lol It's so dumb, but I did get a good laugh out of it. Especially, because we're finally just a few weeks away from football season!
I know it's not the first time that someone changed their WiFi network to this, but when my phone tried connecting to my buddy's WiFi--I crack…
WATCH: Andre Reed on Family Feud Last Night! [VIDEO]
Buffalo Bills Fall of Famer Andre Reed was on Celebrity Family Feud last night on ABC! It was a charity episode and on his team were other Hall of Famers, Marshall Faulk, Anthony Munoz, Rod Woodson and Derrick Brooks.
Who did they play? Current NFL stars, Le’Veon Bell, Joe Thomas, Pat…
ESPN Ranks Top 5 Buffalo Bills QB’s Of All Time [LIST]
We all know who takes the top spot, but who else do you think made the list and do you agree that they're in the right order?
If you think maybe some of these could be argued, here's what Mike Rodak on ESPN.com said to defend their picks and placement:
Statistically, Kemp falls short of his …

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