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The Biggest High Schools in WNY [LIST]
Who is the biggest high school in Western New York?
It's no secret that Erie County has some of the best schooling systems in the state and even in the country. There are 215 public schools in Erie County, New York, serving about 128,441 students, but who is the biggest high school...
4 Businesses That Need to Come to Buffalo ASAP
We came up with a list of businesses that left that need to come back to Western New York, but now we look at businesses that need to come here for the first time ever. Some are no brainers and would make our life a heck of a lot happier...
Legitimate Castles a Drive Away From Buffalo, NY
When you hear the word castle, you instantly think Europe, but New York is home to several castles that will make your mouth drop. Some of these are a bit of a drive, but they are all in New York!
Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle is located on Hart Island in the Thousand Islands-Seaway region...
Goodyear Blimp Makes an Appearance Over Niagara Falls
If you were in Niagara Falls or nearly anywhere in Niagara County on Thursday you may have caught a glimpse of the Goodyear Blimp.
Actually, there's a fleet of Goodyear Blimps, and the one that made a stop at the Niagara Falls Airport is the newest addition to a collection of five across the country,…
Who Has The Best Sponge Candy In Western New York?
Today is National Sponge Candy Day!  Buffalo is the Sponge Candy Capital of the world.  So obviously, people are very particular about where they get their sponge candy from.  So who has THE BEST sponge candy is Western New York?
Most Oddly-Named Cities or Towns in New York State
In WNY we have some cities or town names that are tricky to pronounce, but what about names that are hard to say because they're chuckle worthy? Well I guess we have those too!  Here is a list of towns/cities, according to estately.com, that have the oddest name in New York State...

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