Buffalo List

The BEST Freshwater Beach Isn’t Too Far
When you think of the BEST Freshwater Beach around, you probably do NOT think of Buffalo, NY. But the 'Best Freshwater Beach' is actually pretty close to Buffalo.
USA Today asked readers what they thought the best freshwater beach in the U...
Buffalo Urban Legends You May Not Have Heard
Every city has their urban legends! Those stories that whisper around the city, flittering from person to person and getting more extravagant on every telling and based entirely in rumor without absolutely no facts to back them up.
Here are a few Buffalo, NY, urban legends...
How Many of the ‘7 Wonders of NY’ Are Right Here?
Only in Your State ranked the seven wonders of New York state, and we thought we'd take a look to see how close the wonders of New York are to us.
Of course, Niagara Falls is on the list and it's right here, but there are a lot of other things that you can do on a day trip...
This Is Awesome! Have You See This Ice Cream Dude Around Buffalo?
First of all, this guy is arguably the nicest guy in Buffalo lately.
It started nearly a decade ago with an ice cream cooler on the back of his bike selling ice cream for a buck. Flash forward nine years later and James Karagiannis, 36, has eight ice cream trucks and takes them throughout Buffalo to …

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