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Columbus Blue Jackets Hand Buffalo Sabres 4th Straight Loss
Buffalo Sabres coach Dan Balsyma challenged his players to show what type of team they want to be over the final 15 games of the season and Friday night they displayed it.  They're a team that plays just well enough to keep games interesting and just poorly enough to lose.
Philadelphia Flyers Steamroll the Buffalo Sabres
Following the Buffalo Sabres crushing loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins in their previous game the big question entering Tuesday night's game against the Philadelphia Flyers was how would the Sabres respond?  Would they come with a new determination?  Or would they crash and burn?
Buffalo Sabres Fall to Tampa Bay in a Shoot Out
Having lost five of their last six games, as far as I'm concerned Buffalo Sabres fans should realistically hope their team loses as many games as possible thru the end of the season for a better draft choice.  The Sabres chances of making the playoffs this year are the smallest o…
Buffalo Sabres End 4-Game Losing Streak With Win Over Arizona
The Buffalo Sabres beat the Arizona Coyotes 6-3 Thursday night to end a four-game losing streak, but it wasn't easy.  The Sabres scored three goals in the 3rd period to win it.  Evander Kane scored his 23rd goal of the season to break a 3-3 tie and Marcus Foligno and Sam Reinhart scor…
No Deals For Buffalo Sabres at Trade Deadline
Wednesday's 3 pm NHL trading deadline came and went with the Buffalo Sabres standing pat.  They didn't acquire any players or draft picks and didn't trade an away.  With the way they're playing some people think it would have made sense for them to just give some player…
Another Galling Loss by the Buffalo Sabres
Here's a team that just seems to hate prosperity.  For the second game in a row the Buffalo Sabres blew a 2-goal third period lead and lost.  Sunday night the Arizona Coyotes were trailing 2-0 midway thru the third period but scored three straight goals to beat the Sabres 3-2.  Tuesday night in Buff…
WATCH: Jr. Sabres Coach Allegedly Punches 15-Year-Old [VIDEO]
The incident happens at about :21 where former Buffalo Sabre and now head coach of the Jr. Sabres, Andrew Peters appears to punch one of the 15-year-old players in a brawl. All caught on YouTube, President of the Junior Sabres, Kevyn Adams said:
We are very disappointed in the series of events that u…
Wasted Chance By the Buffalo Sabres In Colorado
The Buffalo Sabres wasted a golden opportunity to pick up valuable points against the worst team in the league.  The Sabres fell into a 3-0 hole in the first period and never recovered in a 5-3 against the Colorado Avalanche.
A “Bad Lip Reading” of the Buffalo Sabres
You may have seen the Youtube videos of A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.  It's hilarious.  I'll be honest, when I'm watching them, I'm always thinking, "when are they going to include the Bills?"  With this video, you don't have to wait.  I…
Chicago Blackhawks Pound the Buffalo Sabres 5-1
After a grueling stretch of 11 games in 18 days the Buffalo Sabres will have the next five days to think about their 5-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.  Their next game is Saturday in Denver following a league-mandated five-day break.

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