Buffalo weather

One Of The Warmest Novembers In Buffalo History
If it seems to have been unusually warm this November you're right.  With temperatures expected to reach near 60 on the final two days of the month, November 2016 will go down as one of the Top 10 warmest in Buffalo history.
Reliving #Snowvember One Year Later [PHOTOS + VIDEO]
I remember it like it was yesterday... Dale thought I was lying. I called him the morning of the 18th because I had just spent 30 minutes trying to dig my car out and I wasn't making any progress. After a few phone calls with Rob at the studio he said a lot of people were stranded by where I li…
What to Know About Snow in July in Buffalo
Thinking about checking out the snow that is STILL in Buffalo in July?! While we in no way are telling you to go check out the mountains of snow that are still in Buffalo following last year's November snowstorm, we do have some tips you might want to consider if you take the journey!
Buffalo Snowball Fight in July [VIDEO]
When Rob Banks heard about the snow that is STILL IN BUFFALO in July, the first thing he wanted to do was build a snow angel, maybe go sledding. So Rob and Liz headed out to Buffalo's Central Terminal to find the two gigantic piles of snow that are still around.