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The Buffalo Zoo’s New Baby Reindeer Now Has a Name
Babies everywhere! The Buffalo Zoo announced the name of the new reindeer over the weekend! Like most animals at the zoo, they let the public hep decide the name of the new Scandinavian Reindeer! The possible names were Thor, Yukon Pulsar and Ma and the zoo held voting from May 10th -14th...
The Buffalo Zoo Has A New CEO
The announcement was made early this morning as Dr. Donna Fernandes prepares to make way for the new CEO and president of the Buffalo Zoo.  Norah Fletchall will be the person to fill her boots.
Buffalo Zoo Welcomes New Polar Bear
Luna has a new roommate (and possibly a new boyfriend) as four year-old Sakari makes the new Arctic Edge exhibit his new home.
Sakari comes from Madison, Wisconsin, and Zoo officials hope that one day they will be able to successfully mate him with Luna, and the Buffalo Zoo will be home one day to so…

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