The Stanley Cup is Coming To Buffalo This Week!
The Stanley Cup is coming to Buffalo this week!
The NHL is celebrating it's 100 year anniversary when it bring it's 'Centennial Fan Arena' during the NHL combine this weekend. The Cup will be located where the action is happening in Alumni Plaza right outside of Key Bank Center--J…
New App Unveiled Today For Parking In Buffalo
I can't tell you how many times I've had a guest here at the studio that will put a little money in a meter to pay for their parking, only to have to run back down to reload the meter when the meeting goes a little long.  That won't be the case now with a new app that was unveile…
2017 Buffalo Summer Bucket List: Pontoon to Grass Island
Every year all my friends get a pontoon from Collin's Marine and make the half hour float over to grass island.
It's literally the perfect summer day. Hang out on the pontoon, drink beer, get to grass island and there's tons of boats just hanging out...
2017 Buffalo Lawn Fete Guide
Get ready for another fun Summer in Western New York. We all know that we are in no shortage of parties and lawn fetes in the area, so bring on the beer tents, bring on the games and try not to get sick on the rides.
Hopefully, you're looking good to hit up a few lawn fetes in Buffalo this Summe…
2017 Buffalo, NY Summer Events Guide
Mark your calendars! Buffalo's summers are getting busier and busier, and there is so much to do. So you should never have to say, "There's nothing to do here!" Ever!
Here are some of the summer dates to set aside ahead of time!
Official Date for Uber + Lyft Coming To Buffalo Announced
The New York State Assembly announced today the date when Uber and Lyft will officially be allowed to operate here in Western New York and the rest of the State.
June 29
The State voted to change a few words in the ride sharing bill in order to allow the operations to start a few days ear…
See the Wurlitzer Building From A Different View [VIDEO]
We visited the Wurlitzer Building on the Mussen Monday where Dale was in charge of our stops. WE visited some pretty cool places that day and one of the was the Wurlizter Building. Right next to the Melody Fair site, this was once where some of the best pianos, organs and other instruments in the wo…
Buffalo’s Main Place Mall Then and Now [VIDEO]
When I first started at WYRK, I worked evenings and would grab dinner at Gino and Joe's inside of the Main Place Mall in downtown Buffalo. Our station studios are in The Rand Building which overlooks Main Street and The Main Place Mall.
Buffalo’s First Pierogi Fest — What You Need to Know
Pierogi, in my humble opinion, should never be saved for special occasions like Dyngus Day.  It's a year-round love affair, and no one knows them better than Buffalo!  So it's only appropriate that we hold the first ever Pierogi Fest!
Ten WNY restaurants and pierogi purveyors will…

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