Uber Is Getting Closer To Coming To Buffalo!
Uber is getting a big push in the right direction from one Buffalo Councilman.
Councilmember Joseph Golombek is proposing an Amendment to the City Ordinances that would make it legal in Buffalo the minute Albany gives everyone the green light to have ride-sharing...
Ever See This Christmas Light Hot-Spot In Batavia?
I've never heard of this until a couple of days ago. Have you ever been to this street in Western New York?
Apparently, the Fargo Street Lights put on by the DiSalvos and has been quite the sight-seeing stop for people around Buffalo for a while now...
Holiday Valley Has Begun Making Snow To Get Ready For Opening Day
Holiday Valley has begun making snow! Western New York got hit with the first official snowfall of the year and as of Sunday at 1:00 PM, the skiing resort is all guns firing. According to their website,
Guns are running on Yodeler, the Candy Cane loop, Mardi Gras, School Haus, Cindy's, Sunr…

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