Easter Fodder! Here Are 3 Fun Easter Candy Facts
Easter is this Sunday, and many people will be attending church services, painting eggs, going on egg hunts, eating chocolate and spending time with family.  Here are a few tidbits about some of the foods we consume on the holiday.
Halloween Candy Trading Guide [VIDEO]
How many times did you go through all the work to get suited up in your costume and walk a million miles ( was that far) to gather a bunch of candy on Halloween, only to come home and make a trade with your older brother or sister that was completely unfair?  It happens every year…
Halloween Facts, Tidbits & Fokelore!!
Halloween is just a day away.  In an effort to make you sound and feel smarter, here are some tidbits of information about the holiday, that you can share with your friends.
Let’s Talk About Conversation Hearts
They’ve been around since the Civil War and every Valentine’s Day the company that makes them introduces new messages on them.  They’re the Sweethearts Candy Conversation Hearts made by NECCO – an abbreviation for New England Candy Company..…
Check Out Clay’s Peep Show
With Easter being this weekend.  I thought I would share my "Peep Show."  I would like to tell you this story has a happy ending for my Peeps...but...let's just say it wasn't such a Good Friday for candy around my house!

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