Outdoor Family Fun In Caneadea, NY [PHOTOS]
My daughter Shelby and I spent the weekend in Caneadea, NY in Allegany County. We had chose this weekend early on in the summer and were both really looking forward to it. There is nothing that compares to spending quality time with your children...
Took 2 Deer On Saturday
Had an incredible day on Saturday in Caneadea.  Took a 3 point buck and a doe within minutes of each other.  Initially, I had planned on using my Russian-made .308 rifle but at the last minute decided to use my son's Savage .243 (Blake Shelton's favorite deer caliber)...
It’s The Last Weekend Of Deer Season
Will you be out hunting this weekend?  As soon as I get off the air on Saturday morning, I will be heading out to Caneadea, NY for the last weekend of deer season.  So far my son and I have not taken any deer this year which is very odd for us.  However I don't give up easily.
A Hunting Report From Caneadea, NY
Opening weekend of gun season has come and gone.  My son and I were hunting our usual spot in Caneadea, NY in Allegany County. Out of the 18 people in our camp, only 2 people harvested deer: a doe and a 9 point buck.
Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me?
After getting off the air on Saturday morning, my son and I headed off to the farm for a final weekend of bowhunting.  There is nothing like the feeling I get when I am sitting in my treestand in Caneadea. Got into the woods around 2pm and the plan was to hunt until dark...