My Friend Wayne Takes His Dad To Wrigley Field [VIDEO]
My friend Wayne took a very special trip with his dad recently. Wayne's father Jerry is now 79 years old and grew up in Chicago. Although Jerry does not live in Chicago anyone, he is still a huge Cubs fan.
Recently, Wayne was able to take his dad back to Chicago...
Lake Michigan Takes On Cyclists And Pedestrians [VIDEO]
Just a couple of days ago residents living near Chicago's Lake Shore were warned about gusty winds and huge waves.  They were urged by authorities to stay off a specific street because travel along it could be dangerous.  Here is what happened to the few who did not take the warning!.…
Tim McGraw Tosses Yet Another Fan?
Sounds like you don't want to act like an idiot at a Tim McGraw show. At least if you are sitting up close to the stage where he can see you! Sounds like some fans may have gotten a little out of hand over the weekend at one of his shows near Chicago.
A Picket Line Forms At Kenny Chesney’s Show
Saw this story this morning via  Recently at a Kenny Chesney show near Chicago, there was a group of picketers that were trying to express their displeasure with the moms that were in attendance.
Dale’s Daily Data: Midway Airport

I learned something on my trip out to California last week.
I flew on Southwest Airlines and went thru Chicago’s Midway Airport.  Southwest is the largest airline using Midway which at one time was known as the world’s busiest airport until O’Hare Airport opened in 1961.  It was originally called Chi…