25 Things You Might Not Know About Christmas

Christmas is full of familiar traditions: carving the ham, leaving cookies out for Santa, listening to Uncle Morty talk about his gall bladder removal surgery while you’re trying to enjoy some egg nog. These staples had to come from somewhere, and since Christmas offers a mix of religious and…

Check Out Will Ferrell as Badass Santa
Leave it to comedian Will Ferrell to come up with what he thinks today's Santa Claus should be.  A younger less grandpa like Santa LOL.
He visited the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to show us
List Of Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas [LIST]
Need some help with your Secret Santa this year? How about just need a present in general? Don't worry we'll at least, get your brain jogging a bit with some Christmas present ideas. Here are some of the hottest gifts of the year, which are relatively inexpensive that can range from techno…
Ever See a Cat in a Santa Suit? Check It Out!
Typically a cat would be the last pet on earth that would be happy wearing any type of clothing. This cat seems a bit annoyed from the wagging of his tail but also is able to rock the Santa suit his owner has put on him.
Santa Goes Water Skiing on Niagara River [VIDEO]
Santa thought that before he started dropping off gifts, he'd make a stop in Buffalo because it has been so warm out he can do some water activities.
If you were along the Niagara River yesterday morning, you may have seen Santa doing some water skiing...

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