chuck moden

Remembering Chuck Moden
Today would be my dad, Chuck Moden's, 70th birthday! And as weird as it is, he also passed away on this day two years ago.
Clay’s Thoughts on His Parents’ 48th Wedding Anniversary
My parents, Chuck and Ann Moden, are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary today. Although they have passed on, today will forever be a special day that I intend to honor and remember every year that I am alive. Beyond the gift of life, my parents taught me so much about life and love through t…
Clay’s Tribute To His Dad
I was so crushed to hear of the passing of Clay's dad over the weekend.  What a great guy.  He was an extremely gifted teacher and maybe some of that came from his sense of humor.  It's probably where Clay got his.  Clay's dad always made me laugh.  He always …