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Spring Cleaning Is For Girls!
OK, now that I got your attention (and perhaps angered the feminists), it is that time of year for spring cleaning.  It's kind of funny that Dale and I have such cluttered desks. Well, at least I do.  If you were to walk into my house or even Dale's house, you would first notice …
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Today is the 20th year since the awful plane crash that killed Reba McEntire's band.  Dale and I sat down to chat about that and offer some thoughts about what we were doing 20 years ago.  I even share a picture from my first year in high school...
Are Ziplock Bags Male Or Female?
Josh says he has a "body pillow" and one listener called him to say that makes him a "wussy."  Body pillows are "for girls." We got to talking about items that are gender specific.