French Journalist Crashes Motorcycle On Test Ride [VIDEO]
I know that many Americans hate French people. I can understand that. A lot of my friends have had less than pleasant experiences while visiting France. Some of the French people can be quite arrogant and obnoxious, especially in Paris when they know you are an American...
Range Rover Plows Through Carrabba’s In Amherst!
What's in the water these days?  All we hear about lately in Western New York is DWI hit and runs and people plowing through restaurants.  On Thursday, right around 4:30 pm, a Range Rover bowled right through the front entrance of ....
[Video] Crazy Crash Caught On Dashcam
This accident took place on Highway 401 in Canada. It replays 3 times!  Not sure what the results were....I imagine not good for the semi driver.  Watch how the semi jumps the median and nearly takes out a slew of oncoming traffic!!!!

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