By The Numbers: Operation Hang Up
Today, on Monday, New York State Troopers will be cracking down on an initiative in order to keep you safe and ticketed people on their phones. Troopers will be using both marked and unmarked cars throughout today for "Operation Hang Up"...
Buffalo’s Top 10 Most Wanted List
As we begin the Spring here in Western New York, here is the current Buffalo’s Most Wanted List and what they are wanted for. If you ever have any information about any of these people, please call Buffalo Crime Stoppers at 716-867-6161!
As always, if you have any information on these…
Orchard Park Steps Up To Clean Up After Vandalism
Orchard Park, Boston, and Hamburg were hit with a slew of vandalism over the weekend.  Cars, overpasses, and playgrounds were all covered in profanity and swastikas.  But now, the people Orchard Park have decided not to let it stand.
ECC Hockey Player Charged After Doing This To The Ref [VIDEO]
It's not that checking and roughing up in hockey isn't something that is seen in every single game. However, you normally don't see it against a matter what the league level the players are in.
Yesterday, an ECC men's hockey player bolted out of the penalty box and charge…
Woman Hit By Train in Buffalo Overnight
A woman was found just after midnight lying there on the tracks after getting hit by a train in Buffalo
The woman was found located near the CSX Transportation Frontier Yard near Bailey Avenue by a crew on the "Canadian National Railway train found the person on the tracks and…
LOOK: The Sheriff’s Office Says To Look If You’ve Been Scammed
There have been devices discovered around WNY that have been skimming your credit card information at certain ATM's or gas pumps among other places.
The scamming process, known as skimming, is a device that you cannot see and when placed in these locations and you swipe it, it will then store a…

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