VIDEO: 3 Police Officers Hit By Car In Parking Lot
Prayers to these police officers.
This video and message was posted on Phoenix PD's Facebook Page:
This morning, outside the QT at 2500 W. Camelback, three of our officers were the victims of a violent, intentional attack. These officers had just completed a call for service and were standing in the p…
Police Officers Gunned Down Tonight During Protest
12:42 AM: Suspicious package found by location of suspect that is in custody. Bomb squad on scene.
12:40 AM: One suspect is in custody after shootout. Another person of interest has turned himself in--still no confirmation on his involvement...
United States Kills 250 ISIS Fighters Last Night
The United States led a major coalition as 250 ISIS fighters were killed along with 40 enemy vehicles.
The strikes occurred in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, one of the first cities to fall to ISIS control back in 2014.
The airstrikes come a day after 3 suicide bombers attacked Istanbul&ap…
READ: New Info Sparks Reemergence of 2008 Missing WNY Woman Case
Corrie Anderson has been missing since 2008 and all that was found was her minivan. The State Police have been looking again in the Town of Busti after some new developments where it all started – with the stranded minivan.
There have been many tips to the police, especially within the past yea…

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