WATCH: Deer Tackles Man Getting Out Of Car [VIDEO]
What the heck! Shocking surveillance footage shows deer barreling over 25-year-old man in British Columbia, knocking him to the ground. Fortunately, the man was unharmed.
Sometimes we hear the most ridiculous deer stories we have ever heard...
WATCH: Deer Jumps Into Lion Exhibit At Zoo [VIDEO]
This video was trending on YouTube this week, years after it happened.
This deer was lucky enough to be a playmate and not dinner for one lion at the National Zoo a few years back. The deer escaped from the Lions three times before zoo handlers removed the lions  from the exhibit to rescue the d…
Look At This Deer That Ran Into This Car Last Night [VIDEO]
Imagine this happening to you!
A Howell, NJ woman got the shock of her life when the deer she struck jumped up and leaps into her SUV.
This video from a New Jersey Patrolman's dash cam shows a driver pulled over on the side of the road after having just hit a deer with her car, but then the deer …

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