WATCH: Deer Jumps Into Lion Exhibit At Zoo [VIDEO]
This video was trending on YouTube this week, years after it happened.
This deer was lucky enough to be a playmate and not dinner for one lion at the National Zoo a few years back. The deer escaped from the Lions three times before zoo handlers removed the lions  from the exhibit to rescue the d…
Check Out Where This Hunter Put The Deer He Just Took [VIDEO]
It's not everyday you see stuff like this... I've seen deer wrapped up in tarps or legs sticking out of the back of the truck bed, but I've never seen this cruising down the 90!
Most people on Jeremy's Facebook found this amusing, but some also found it disrespectful to the animal…
Ouch! This Deer Crashed Right Into A Cross Country Runner Yesterday
This had to hurt...
Luckily, everyone is okay. If you're going out in the woods this weekend here in New York, good luck and remember to bundle up as the temperatures are going to drop and the snow will begin to falling. If you get anything good, make sure you let us know so we can post it and f…
Look At This Deer That Ran Into This Car Last Night [VIDEO]
Imagine this happening to you!
A Howell, NJ woman got the shock of her life when the deer she struck jumped up and leaps into her SUV.
This video from a New Jersey Patrolman's dash cam shows a driver pulled over on the side of the road after having just hit a deer with her car, but then the deer …
Hunters Share Reasons for Not Seeing Deer in Western New York
I have hunted in four of the eight counties in Western New York this season and have been in the woods just about every day since the opening day of archery season on October 1st.
Although I have been seeing deer here and there, it seems to me that the numbers of deer are down.

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