5 Senior Dogs Looking for Their Forever Home in Buffalo
Given the holiday season and the number of dogs looking for forever homes in Western New York, we thought we'd do a special feature of some of the senior dogs in the area.
These five dogs may be up in years, but their happiest times could be ahead of them...
Dog Found on Side of Road Standing Guard Over Fallen Friend
Most dogs are more compassionate than some humans are.
One dog lost a dear friend yesterday, and it will break your heart to see the images of the dog standing guard over his fallen pal in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.
Nobody knows where the dogs came from, who the belong to or if they're just st…
WATCH: Just A Pug Snoring And Farting In A Pool [VIDEO]
We as humans will never be able to reach the relaxation level of this pug. He chills in a some water and naps his summer afternoon away. He's so relaxed that he snores and rips some farts while he's at it.
Nothing to see over here. Just a sleeping pub snoring and farting...

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