Just a Chimp Walking His Dog Over a River [VIDEO]
This may the best thing you see all day. Just a chimp walking his dog. They take so many steps and think about each one carefully as they cross the river, but the last one really gave them a tough time!
Համառ կապիկը :)
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Epic Mid-Air Dog Collision In Slow Motion [VIDEO]
What happens when you call for a dog and you have two of them? This happens!
"Batman the French Bulldog had a clear shot to jump across the couch to see his owner, but he meets a road block along the way. Watch what happens when a Doberman runs across his flight path right in the middle of h…
Wait? Is This A Bear Or Dog?
Well, thankfully the first great mystery of 2016 has been solved. Now, you be the judge, what is this really? A bear or a dog?
Ryan Horn works at a doggy daycare in Nashville, TN and texted this picture to his friends and wrote,"Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care...
Dog Found on Side of Road Standing Guard Over Fallen Friend
Most dogs are more compassionate than some humans are.
One dog lost a dear friend yesterday, and it will break your heart to see the images of the dog standing guard over his fallen pal in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.
Nobody knows where the dogs came from, who the belong to or if they're just st…
WATCH: Just A Pug Snoring And Farting In A Pool [VIDEO]
We as humans will never be able to reach the relaxation level of this pug. He chills in a some water and naps his summer afternoon away. He's so relaxed that he snores and rips some farts while he's at it.
Nothing to see over here. Just a sleeping pub snoring and farting...

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