Have You Passed The Giraffe Challenge Yet?
Have you seen a lot of your friends' pictures turning into giraffes lately? It may be because they answered a riddle incorrectly! It's called The Great Giraffe Challenge, and it's taking over Facebook.
How Much Is Too Much On Facebook?
I think most of us that are of a certain age are a little more careful about what we post to our Facebook page than people of the younger generation. We were raised to be careful about sensitive subjects. Some people, however, have absolutely no problem narrating their lives on social networks as it…
Reasons Why #RainIsAGoodThing
When I woke up today, I was bummed to see that the sun was being hidden by some dark clouds and the rain was coming down. However, WYRK listeners have been sending suggestions to our Facebook page all day on why rain is a good thing. Here's what you came up with.

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