10 Compliments Men Hate to Hear
My girlfriend told me the other day, "That was sweet of you to help and clean, but I'll just do it quicker."
Well, well, well. You're welcome? I did that one my own, and next time do not even ask me to help!
Jessica Krouse is the First to Beat Brett Alan at SongPop!
It had to happen sooner or later right?  I've been taking people on day after day at a game called SongPop to kind of help take our minds off of work for a little while and give you a chance to win some prizes.  Although up until today I was undefeated.  I've tied a couple t…
Can You Beat Brett at SongPop?
A couple weeks ago, we had an idea to help people kind of take a break from the workday and have some fun.  The idea involved listeners playing against me (Brett Alan) at a game called SongPop.  It is a lot of fun but now I'm looking for the competitive people.
Have You Quit Facebook?
Do you remember Myspace?  It was one of the first very popular social media websites.  I remember when I made the move from Myspace to facebook and never looked back.  Now, it seems like that trend is about to continue.
Ladies: You Responded; Your Perfect Date
Dinner & a movie? Too plain? We asked you where you would go on your perfect date. Some good creative answers came in so here they are. But, to the lady that would go to the zoo and a bar on her perfect date. We are a match made in heaven.
Worst Feeling in the World?
Sometimes you just have to get home. So...I had to scrounge some change and toss it in the tank haha. Running out of gas, burnt popcorn, wet socks, sending your email to the wrong person, stepping on a lego, getting your credit card bill. The list can go on and on for me, if all you want is that bow…
Man Hacks Girlfriend’s Facebook to Propose
Tis the season! I feel like there's tons of couples getting engabed this time of the year and who knows how many more as we approach the New Year. I love hearing stories of how the guy did it and how she responded and this one has got to be one of the best. One man found a way to hack into his …

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