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Kid Headbutts A Watermelon – The Watermelon Wins [VIDEO]
I'll never forget when I was a kid an my brother was trying to convince my dad that he could smash a beer can on his forehead.  We all died laughing as he failed and ended up with a big red ring on his head and a bruised pride.  I would think that a watermelon would be easier than tha…
Fun House Fail — Woman Can’t Make It Through [VIDEO]
There are signs at the beginning of some funhouses that will warn you that some parts of the ride might be hard to get through. This lady didn't care. She thought, "It's a FUN house.  How hard could it possibly be?"  Then she got to this part of the fun house an…
The Day You Forgot How to Throw a Frisbee [VIDEO]
There are plenty of things in the world that are difficult.  Brain surgery, rocket sciene -- those are a few things that are always referenced when someone is describing something that's hard to do.  Throwing a frisbee is NOT one of those things.
Tic Tac Toe Fail At A Houston Rockets Game [VIDEO]
Two guys had a chance to play a cool game of tic-tac-toe during the fourth quarter of a recent Houston Rockets game the other night.  All they had to do was score a layup to be able to place either an X or an O on the huge board and they both blew it!
Guy Has His Promposal Blow Up In His Face! [VIDEO]
It's called a promposal.  It's the name for when someone asks someone else to the prom.  Lately they've gotten pretty extravagant.  Some kids even spend more on the promposal than they have on the prom.  I would guess it's worth it when it works.  But whe…

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