Watch This Reporter Flip Over A Fish [VIDEO]
I was so happy when my daughter held her first fish.  Not because I have aspirations that she will become some incredible fisherman (or woman rather) but because I have always hoped that my daughter would not become a "girly-girl".  That is not the case in this video as t…
Complete Failure At A Television Station [VIDEO]
One of the best things about live entertainment is that you never know what might happen next.  However, for the performers, live entertainment can quickly turn into a disaster.  Check out what happens when everything goes wrong at this television station.
Big Mistake At The Olympics [VIDEO]
Did you see the big mistake that was made at the Olympics on Wednesday??  Just as the North Korean women's soccer team was preparing to take the field....the Olympic committee displayed the wrong flag next to the picture of a North Korean Player.  The flag displayed….a South Korean flag.  Ouch!!  Be…
Woman Bowls Over Partying Children [VIDEO]
When parents have parties for kids, many go BIG and get the blow-up jump houses, slides and what have you.  Most of those inflatable devices are recommended for children only, but every now and then you'll find an adult participating in the fun.  Watch this short video and laugh.
Stupid Criminal Records Himself On Stolen Camera [VIDEO]
Stupid criminals are a dime a dozen.  We hear about them all the time.  It's pretty rare though that you actually see one on a video that he took...on a camera that he stole!  Watch as this criminal takes you for a tour around his house complete with his own stupid mugshot.
Epic Fail At A Laundromat [VIDEO]
This video makes me absolutely sick to watch.  It shows two people with an infant doing their laundry in a laundromat.  You have to watch it to believe what happens next.
Tow Truck Accident In Northern Norway [VIDEO]
Living here in Wester New York, we all know how crazy our roadways can get in the wintertime. I am just very thankful we don't have any mountainous road with crazy cliffs and extreme drop-offs. Check out this tow truck accident in Northern Norway...
Best Finish @ A Dog Agility Competition [VIDEO]
As you watch this video of a dog competing in an agility competition, you're wondering......What will happen that is so spectacular?  Will the dog make the handler trip?  Will the dog get hurt?  Just's worth it!
Lawnmower Beer Train [VIDEO]
If you've ever made a train of grocery carts strapped together with extension cords to hold all your beer might be a redneck.  Or you might be this guy who's headed to his buddy's house for a party.  But at least he knows his rights.
Girl Gets Arrested Wearing Only Cowboy Boots [VIDEO]
You've heard the phrase, "Going out with my boots on" right?  Well, when they say that, I've always assumed that they didn't mean ONLY boots.  That's what police found when they tried to arrest this girl from Corpus Christie, TX.  She was nude exc…
The Worst Church Singer Ever [VIDEO]
I went to Catholic school for 8 years.  When we were there we sang a lot and we were taught to never criticize people for how they were singing.  If that's how the spirit moved them to sing then that's good enough.  God just wants to hear your voice.  But I gotta believ…
The World’s Drunkest Drummer [VIDEO]
Rock and roll baby!!  Some people can do it, and others just shouldn't.  If you can't handle your alcohol, probably best to stay away from it...especially if you're working.  I get it.  Being a drummer in a band is fun.  But I'm going to guess that if he keeps this up, he won't be a drummer in a ban…

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