Boy Wears Same Sweater as Dad + Grandpa for School Pictures
This is one of the coolest first-day-of-school traditions that this family has done for nearly 60 years. First grader, Brady Gose, wore a sweater that has been worn five other times for school picture days.
Brady's grandfather, father and two great uncles have worn the same sweater on their firs…
This Is a Cool Idea for the Family to Try! [VIDEO]
What a nice forever keepsake a family can have and what a unique idea.
Most parents hardly find the time to slow down a bit and enjoy the joys of everyday life--let alone spend as much time as they would like with their kids. But, this idea will really solidify the fact that they are together as a fa…
Top 10 Reasons Why Families Fight [LIST]
The most family fights do not occur between mom and dad.
The average family gets in about 300 fights a year, according to the Daily Mail. It's the rotten kids who you probably get in fights with most. Let's face it, we all got in TONS of fight with our parents when we were younger (heck, so…

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