Festival of Lights

Could The Festival Of Lights Be Headed Back To Niagara Falls?
It looks like the rumblings are beginning about the possibility of bringing the Festival of Lights back to Niagara Falls. While nothing is set in stone, seeing the success across the boarder in Ontario with their similar event, a few people on the tourism board think it would be great for the city i…
Holiday Fun for the Entire Family!
It’s the holiday season!  If you’re like me then you finished all of your holiday shopping and now just sitting around waiting for the snow to begin!  Get out of the house instead of being a couch potato and have some fun!
Holiday Fun!
With all this warm weather and no snow we’ve been having in the month of December is hard to believe that Christmas is just next weekend!  I hope everyone has finished their holiday shopping and at this point are just relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds of the holiday!&n…