Trophy Fish Torn Apart By 2 Bull Sharks [VIDEO]
I have been getting excited because I'm going on my first deep sea fishing excursion ever in a couple weeks. We will be fishing off the coast of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
I've joked that as long as I don't fall off the boat, it'll be the best trip ever, but here's an…
The WYRK Adventure Wall Is Back!
It's the best time of year! The time of year when families get together, stories are shared and memories are made! That's right, hunting season has arrived in Western New York. Get ready to brag a little and share those stories and memories! Send us your photos!!
Brett Alan Solidifies His Rank As Worst Fisherman Ever
Today was a great day for me.  I was so proud to have my kids begging me to take them fishing.  As we sat there casting out into Lake Erie from the dock, my chest swelled with pride to think that my kids were looking up to me as one of the best fishermen they've ever seen.  That …
Heather LaCroix Explains Gar Gigging [VIDEO]
Most people do their fishing with a rod and reel, but some folks take their fish in a different way. Did you ever hear of Gar Gigging?
Our old friend Heather LaCroix is back with another video segment to explain Gar Gigging, or Giggin' as she calls it...
National Honor For Olcott, NY
Right in our backyard.  Olcott, NY has been named this year's "Ultimate Fishing Town."  Along with the designation came a $25,000.00 award to be used for fishing related projects.  The check was presented Wednesday afternoon in Krull Park.
Brett Alan’s Must Do Summer List
There are certain things that have to take place for the summer to be official. Things that I have to do and places that I have to go. I guess you could consider this my bucket list for summer, only they're things that I have to do before the summer ends, not before I die...hopefully.
The La Monds Go Fishing on Lake Ontario [GALLERY]
Over the weekend my family and I did something really special. We spent Sunday fishing on Lake Ontario in search of King Salmon, Coho Salmon and Steelhead. Our fishing party included my wife Debbie, our children Tyler and Shelby and our good friend Jim Gesel...
Tyler La Mond Catches Monster Northern Pike
If you have read any of my blogs, you probably know that my family and I are really into the outdoors. My son and I are the hunters in the family, but we all love to fish. This Sunday we will be  doing a fishing charter out on Lake Ontario in search of King Salmon...

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