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Food Truck Thursdays Returns To Niagara Square This Week
More food trucks is always a good thing and now Thursdays will be better! Food Truck Thursdays is returning to Niagara Square this Thursday! Mayor Byron Brown will be on hand to officially get things started at 11 am! This year there will be 24 participating vendors that will take part in the p…
Buffalo Museum Summer Food Truck Rodeo Dates Announced
The Buffalo History Museum is hosting the 5th annual Food Truck Rodeo! The events will be held from 5 – 8 p.m. with the food trucks severing until 8:30 p.m.  Trucks will be offering a variety of specialized dishes and desserts the first Wednesday of the summer months with free museum…
Buffalo–New Food Trucks At 2017 Food Truck Tuesday
Get ready! This Summer is going to be a good one. The first Food Truck Tuesday was announced this week, and there will be 15 new food trucks joining the event down at Larkinville every Tuesday, which would bring the total to 50 food trucks every week...
Food Truck Tuesday At Larkin Square Has Opening Date
It looks like we're just a couple weeks out from the return of Food Truck Tuesday at Larkin Square. It was announced on Larkin Square's Twitter page that the night full of food truck would start the new season April 11th.  Every Tuesday through October (except 4th of July) from 5-8pm …
Cheesy Chick Food Truck Expands to Eastern Hills Mall
In a time when malls are competing hard with online shopping you may ask why would a successful food truck business open a store in the mall.
In the case of Cheesy Chick food truck it was a matter of simply being invited to open a store by the management of Eastern Hills Mall...
Summer Food Truck Rodeo Returns to the Buffalo History Museum
The Buffalo History Museum hosts its fourth Food Truck Rodeo featuring 11 food trucks with menus offering a variety of specialized dishes and desserts the first Wednesday of summer months.
The museum enhances the Food Truck Rodeo experience with free museum admission, extra seating for picnicking, ch…
6 New Food Trucks We Found Ready for Buffalo
Ready for Food Truck Tuesdays? I found a bunch of new food truck permits, which means it is time to add some to the Buffalo, NY fleet this summer! As of 2016, we have nearly 50 foot trucks roaming around town!
Let's begin.
Will Amherst Set New Restrictions For Food Trucks?
We’re seeing more and more food truck these days around Western New York.  Whether you’re looking for a quick taco or grilled cheese, some BBQ food or whatever, these food trucks are here, and they are good!

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