Top 10 Restaurants in the Elmwood Village [LIST]
It's a mini city living on Elmwood. You don't have to go far to go to the store, or go to the bar or go to a great restaurant. In fact, it's usually in walking distance. First off, you need to know that if you want to experience all that Elmwood has to offer as restaurant's, you&…
iHOP’s Tweet Has Everyone Freaking Out [TWEET]
iHOP usually has witty, funny pictures and updates on their Twitter page, but over the weekend, one tweet ticked off a few people--like, a lot. One guy is even 'throwing up' over the tweet.
Too much? Insensitive tweet? Crossing the line...
Canadian Food Network Filming at Fat Bob’s in Buffalo
If you're going out to lunch on your break today, unfortunately Fat Bob's won't be the place to go on Wednesday.
The Canadian Food Network TV show “You Gotta Eat Here!” will be filming starting Wednesday morning.
According to WIVB, owner Patrick Ryan:
Look At The New Food Coming To Ralph Wilson Stadium
You already know that Dinosaur BBQ will be stationed within The Ralph, but there are a handful of new items that you can grab while watching the Bills.
The most creative (and probably the best new one)?
One of the specialty items introduced is the Jerry Hughes Buffalo Chicken-N-Waffle-the-Quarterback.…

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