Who Serves Buffalo’s Best Steak?
There is nothing better than a steak that's been cooked perfectly on the grill.  The buttery sizzle of a fillet or t-bone can really make a meal incredible.  Whether it's summertime or some other celebration, steak is perfect.
Big Ditch Brewing Company Announces New Menu Items
Yesterday, Big Ditch announced a new beer that is 100% NY and today they announced they have new menu items for lunch and dinner! Big Ditch recently expanded and opened for lunch after exceeding expectations when they first opened.
Starting today you can find new items such as Crispy S…
New Griffon Gastropub in East Aurora Opening!
Griffon Gastropub is coming to East Aurora and it is opening up this week! One of my favorite restaurants in town and it has one of the best, most unique menus you'll see around.
Just in time for the Carolcade on Saturday in East Aurora, the Griffon located at 634 Main St...

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